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Science Clubs 4 Schools


Looking for a great extra-curricular program to offer to your students?

Mad Science offers hassle-free programs that can run during the lunch break or after school!

Mad Science takes all the hassle and frustration out of running an extra-curricular program because we do all the work for you!

Since 1996 Mad Science of Southern Alberta has been making science fun and exciting for elementary school-aged children during the lunch break & after school.  Like all of our other programming, Science Clubs 4 Schools will spark a child's curiosity and interest in science.   Science Clubs 4 Schools provide safe, fun, interactive, hands-on science acitivities in classes led by energetic Mad Science Instructors.


Science Clubs 4 Schools...

  • are appropriate for children grades 1 - 6.

  • provide a substantial focus on our natural environment.

  • help children develop & use intellectual skills.

  • include structured interaction among children where supervisors help children develop interpersonal skills.

  • provide enrichment in the academic subject of science.

  • meet STEM objectives.

  • use professional lesson plans, materials and equipment, all provided by Mad Science.

  • are led by trained, dynamic & professional instructors, all with up-to-date safety background checks.

  • are typically made up of 8 classes conducted once a week over a 8 - 10 week period.

  • are accompanied by Mad Science Branded Take-Home Products which will reinforce class concepts.

  • are offered Fall (October - December), Winter (January - March) & Spring (April - June).

Each year we create a new 8-week program to offer to the schools.  We provide all the registration materials and can offer hassle-free, on-line registration.

As we wish to make our programs as accessible as possible, and love to have any eager student in our class, we are also happy to provide scholarships to students appointed by the school. 



READY FOR TAKE OFF 2013/2104!!!!

*A Mad Science & NASA collaborated program

Call now to reserve for your school!


The NASA Langley Center for Distance Learning draws on NASA's extensive resources to develop educational programs that raise the public's awareness of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and their relation to our everyday world.  Working together with common goals, Mad Science and the NASA Langley Center for Distance Learning have created THE NASA ACADEMY OF FUTURE SPACE EXPLORERS, an unparalleled Science Club 4 School Program that brings the excitement and wonder of NASA's activities to you!


Planets & Moons:  Explore the farthest reaches of our Solar System and create a lunar eclipse in this "mad" planetary tour!  Learn how the planets stack up and build to take home your own Gravity Assisted Launcher*!

Atmosphere & Beyond:  We're on a mission to explore the atmosphere on Earth and beyond!  Travel to the end of the rainbow and make a sunset.  Mix up planetary atmospheres, one molecule at a time!  Build you own Meteorological Station*.

Space Phenomena:  Probe the mysteries of meteors and bounce around satellite light in this phenomenal program on space events.  See comets up close as one is formed right before your eyes and assemble your own Lightening Launcher* to look at the sky at home.

Sun & Stars:  This stellar program is your ticket to the stars.  Watch star dust burn and journey through a soapy galaxy as your investigate the life cycle of stars.  Have a blast with your very own Cosmic Disk* to take home.

Rocket Science:  This is your chance to be a rocket scientist!  Investigate the four forces of flight with the help of a very unique flying object.  Explore the science involved in rocket construction as you build your own Skyblazer Rocket*!

Space Travel:  Learn what it takes to be a true globetrotter.  Race a balloon rocket and design you own car engine as you learn about thrust.  See the principles of propulsion at work in a real rocket launch and build your very own Space Copter* to fly to the skies!

Space Technology:  Discover technology designed for outer space!  Steer a laser beam through a laser maze, find hidden mountains using the principles of radar technology and discover everyday objects orginally designed for use in outer space.  View cool images of outer space after class in your own Stereoscopic Viewer*.

Living in Space:  Live the life of an astronaut as you suit up for space flight.  Find out how much you would weigh if you lived on Pluto and how old you would be if you lived on Saturn.  Re-enact an actual spacewalk task with your own Cosmic Chronometer* you take home.

*Mad Science Branded Take Home Projects.  Take Home Projects may change due to availability and new products being introduced.

         COSMIC DISK





           STEREO VIEWER





THE MAD LAB* - Presented 2012/2013

*Subject to availability

The Mad Lab program is jam-packed with fun and is made up of the following 8 classes:

Che-MYSTERY:  Children discover the mysterious wonders of chemical science & will learn the difference between physical & chemical changes while creating crystals in water, reducing foam to a puddle of goo & making marbled masterpieces with hydrophobic compounds. Includes a Dynamic Dish* as part of a take-home lab.

Current Events:  Children get charged up about the science of current electricity while learning how tiny invisible particles – electrons – power everything from the fridge to the radio. Through cooperation children will create real series & parallel circuits & will learn about insulators, conductors & experiment to find out what conducts. Includes a Circuit Maze* to test family at home.

Fun-damental Forces: Sir Isaac Newton would be proud as young mad scientists experiment with the basic concepts of forces. Through hands-on investigations using the bike wheel gyroscope, a coin-spinning vortex, & a balloon centrifuge this program lays the foundation for further study in the physical sciences. Includes a Gravity Game* to play with at home.

Science of Magic:  Children are introduced to a wide variety of scientific topics that challenge them to think logically & scientifically. Topics include Optics, Optical Illusions, the importance of observation & the chemistry of hydrophilic polymers that all answer the question “How did they do that?”. Mystify your family & friends at home with the Mad Science Curious Cube*.

Fantastic Fliers: This class provides children with a combination of practical experiences & theoretical knowledge in aerodynamics. They learn that lift, thrust, gravity & drag affect an aircraft’s flight while constructing and experimenting with the Delta Dart, Rotor Kite & Twirling Dirigible. Includes a Sky-Hawk Plane* that soars through air with ease.

Super Structures: Children are introduced to the fascinating science of architecture & engineering. Children will learn about structures, forces that act upon them (compression & tension), & shapes & materials that strengthen them while constructing various structures of their own. Includes a Bridge-Basics* to build & test at home.

Under Pressure: Children learn that air is all around us & is vital to life on Earth while exploring air pressure, aerodynamics, the science of flight, thermodynamics, weather systems & Bernoulli’s principle. Includes an Air Blaster Foam Launcher* to overcome gravity using compressed air at home.

Wacky Water:   Children “get their feet wet” and wade into the study of water while exploring density with the Density Stacker activity, water as the universal solvent, water pollution & wave motion. Children will apply their knowledge to real-world problems such as oil spills and then build and keep their very own Rescue Diver*.


LAUNCHING 2013/2014: NASA ACADEMY OF FUTURE SPACE EXPLORERS - this program was collaborated with NASA to educate the Next Generation!





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