Our Engineering Workshops



Students discover the secrets of working in space – efficiency and compact, modular design. Children will create a trussed space station module, then connect it with others to create a massive modular spacecraft. Take-Home project: Mad Science® Astro Lander – a space capsule with a parachute that they can launch!



Students create a sea-worthy vessel as they set sail with nautical engineering! Children build and test a paddle-wheel boat powered by potential and kinetic energy. Students will learn that changing specific variables will improve speed, buoyancy, and stability. Take- Home project: a Mad Science® Wave Rider – an elastic band-powered boat!



How can you build the strongest bridge? In this class, children work together with their fellow civil engineers to build and test different bridge designs. They learn about strong shapes and structures, and use what they learn to create the strongest bridge possible. Then they test and improve their designs for strength and stability. Take-Home project: Mad Science® Truss Bridge.



Children feel the thrill of a carnival as they build a spinning swing ride! Students learn about the forces and mechanical engineering concepts behind some of their favorite amusement park rides. Then, they improve and test their designs to create an even wilder ride. Take-Home project: a Mad Science® Viking Ship Ride to experiment further with pendulum motion and center of gravity.



Discover nature’s engineering secrets as we investigate biomimicry and biomechanics! We can learn a lot about efficient design by observing plants and animals. In this class, children build a walking insect machine then test different ways to help it climb up the steepest incline. Take-Home project: a Mad Science® Peacock Puzzle – a walking wind-up toy to further explore balance & bio-mechanics.



Engineering is creative! Students learn how gears, wheels & axles, and levers are useful tools for mechanical engineers. They combine simple machines with art and design to create and test a motorized drawing machine made with LEGO® bricks. Take-Home project: a Mad Science® Sky Roller Zip Liner. Launch it along a string, and add or remove weight to see how it affects its speed and balance.



This class teaches children about the Engineering Design Process and structural engineering. Build, test, modify and re-test a tower model made with LEGO® bricks. Discover the importance of strength and stability for tall buildings, and experiment with a model elevator to learn how pulleys can be used to move a load more easily. Take-Home project: a Mad Science® Sky Beam to test & re-test.



Get in gear as an automotive engineer! Build a motorized vehicle & learn how to optimize it. Use gears, wheels & axles to reduce friction and make work easier. We then shift things into a higher gear to get a hands-on understanding of transmissions and gear ratios. Take-Home project: a Mad Science® Hovercraft with a battery-powered fan that lets it overcome friction and ride on a cushion of air.

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