Our Preschool Workshop Themes



Get en”grossed” in bugs. Students learn about pollination, anatomy, defense systems & how these creepy creatures adapt. This workshop includes a Mad Science Insect-A-Vision for each student so that they can see from an insect’s point of view.


Science of Sound

This workshop sounds like a whole lot of fun! Explore and discover sound waves, vibrations and frequencies. See how sound travels in waves with the Mad Science Wave Demonstrator. Experiment with a variety of tuning forks to feel some good vibes and create music as a member of the Mad Science Orchestra. Each child will get a Mad Science Sonic Horn to take home after class.


Keep in Touch

Learn what our sense of touch tells us about the world. Using only their sense of touch, children are presented with the challenge of identifying a variety of mystery objects. Children will also get to experiment with Braille cards and will make their own Mad Science Flubber to take home.



Kids are introduced to the differences between meat-eating and plant-eating animals. They have the opportunity to look at some dinosaur teeth up close and work as paleontologists, by participating in a mini dinosaur dig that engages their attention and helps them improve their scientific knowledge. Each child will also stain their own T-Rex tooth to keep.


Outer Space Jr. Explorers

Jr. Mad Astronauts set out on a mission to experience life in outer space and explore the various challenges and demands facing real Astronauts while in space. Learn how Astronauts have to work together as a team and adapt to the harsh conditions when living, working and breathing in space. Each children will get their own Mad Science Air Blaster Rocket to take home.


Slippery Science

Let's talk atoms, molecules, and matter - in particular polymers! Children will have fun recreating different types of life-size molecules and matter. Squishy, squashy, stretchy and slimy polymers is where it's at in this workshop! Each child will get their own Mad Science Slime to take home too.



This is the only class where it's okay to stick out your tongue at the teacher! Children are introduced to their sense of taste and smell and learn how these senses help them enjoy all of their favorite foods and scents, as well as experience those that are not as pleasant. Book this workshop to explore the yummy biology behind our taste buds.


Science of Toys

Children will explore the concept of energy and how it gets things moving. Toys are more than fun! We us them to help explain simple energy ideas, how will take home their own Spring Thing that demonstrate how energy and motion are related.


Bubbling Potions

Have a gas as we explore the three states of matter and what makes Dry Ice sooooo cool. Beware! This workshop not only creates bubbling potions but a whole lot of giggles too!


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