Natural Science Grade School Workshops


Seeking our Senses

Students will explore all 5 senses by deconstructing a giant eyeball, experimenting with vibrations, identifying objects by touch, testing the sensitivity of their taste buds and giving their nose a scent-filled workout.



Kids examine fossil casts and explore the differences in the teeth of herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs. Students participate in a mini dinosaur excavation and stain a dinosaur tooth to take home.


Slippery Science

Children will learn that science can be slippery, squashy, stretchy and slimy. Experiment with squishy putty to discover why some materials stretch and some break, see if a needle can pass through a balloon without bursting and stir up some Mad Science Slime to take home.


Magnificent Magnets

What is the largest magnet in the world? Explore the invisible forces of magnets & their effects on different objects. Learn how electromagnets work & try our magnetic paperclip challenge. Students will each receive a Mad Science Magnet Lab to continue experimenting with forces after class.


Matter of Fact

Students explore molecules and the forces that hold atoms together. They see the dramatic differences between physical and chemical changes, as they mix up a batch of their very own Mad Science Putty to take home.


Good Vibrations

Kids investigate the science of sound in this hands-on introduction to the basics of vibration, frequency, and pitch. They discover how instruments use vibration to make music and are amazed as they hear bells ring through their fingers. Take Home project: Mad Science Sonic Horn.



Students excite electrons as they construct some serious circuits during this program all about electricity. They test various materials for conductivity with space-age plasma balls. Finally, they create and play a buzz-making electric game.


Mineral Mania

Students have fun looking at all sorts of rocks & minerals, learn how they are formed, do a streak test, learn how a volcano is made and make a volcano, pan for gems and take home your treasure.


All About Animals

Learn about habitats, methods of camouflage, how animals protect themselves, what teeth can tell us about an animal, animal tracks and what they can tell us about behavior, the animal life-cycle, and the differences between vertebrates & invertebrates. Students will take home a Mad Science Animal Track.



Explore the diverse word of insects, their habitats, how they adapt to their environment, & how they protect themselves. Students will take home a Mad Science Insecta-Vision.


Dry Ice

Make an ice cube in less than 1 minute, learn how cold dry ice really is and what makes it dry, taste our Mad Science Burp Potion, learn if dry ice is an acid or a base through color changing reactions and see what happens when we mix dry ice with liquid soap!


Discover Detection

Students are introduced to several science techniques used to investigate and analyze crime scene evidence such as handwriting, fingerprint & footprint analysis. Students will take home a Mad Science Personal Profiler.


Energy Burst

Got Energy? This class is full of it! Several forms of energy are explored with a focus on potential (stored) and kinetic (motion) energy. Children will participate in several experiments using rubber band-powered gadgets, bouncing poppers, jumping bugs and bouncy boinks to learn about storing and releasing energy. Take Home Project: The Mad Science Catapult.


FUN-damental Forces

Find out what makes the world go around in an edu-taining introduction to the basic concepts of forces. Sir Isaac Newton would be proud as we investigate his Law of Inertia. Explore mass, balance, centers of gravity, vortex and centripetal force. Take Home Project: Mad Science Gravity Game.


Kitchen Chemistry

Learn the difference between chemical and physical reactions, about acids, bases & neutral liquids. Learn about indicators, how they can be used to detect different substances and how our bodies change starches to sugar.


Life in the Sea

Discuss & explore the diversity of the ocean's ecosystems, how animals adapt, what they need to survive and compare plants to animals. Students take home a 3D Anaglyph Puzzle.


Lights, Color Action

Blend colors, produce white light, separate light into colors, & experiment with prisms & diffraction glasses. Students will take home a Techni-Color Blender.


Mad Machines

Students will learn how wheels, levers, axles & pulleys make our lives easy and fun. Students will get to experiment with each type of simple machine and will take home a Mad Science Drag Racer.



Students will learn how our taste buds detect & identify the 4 different tastes of sweet, sour, salty and bitter while exploring the tongue's basic biology.


Planets & Moons

Students explore the solar system by impersonating the planets to compare their sizes and distances from the sun. Students will learn the difference between a solar and lunar eclipse and how space probes harness the gravity of distant planets to use less fuel. Build and keep a Mad Science Gravity Assisted Launcher.


Playing with Polymers

Learn about the most fascinating and beneficial molecule known to mankind...Polymers. Learn how polymers are held together, how their bonds can be broken and mix up some Mad Science Slime to take home.


Radical Robots

Find out about some robots we use daily, the difference between robots & humans, power sources used by robots (batteries, water & the sun) and then program a robot to move through a maze. Students will take home a Mad Science Robot Hand.


Science of Flight

The Wright brothers would be proud as we learn the fundamentals about flight, drag, gravity, lift, and thrust. Students will take home a Mad Science Skyhawk Plane.


Sun & Stars

Investigate the sun and distant stars and galaxies. Explore the stellar life cycle and see real star dust created right before their eyes! Students take home a Mad Science Cosmic Disc, a pocket night sky map with stickers.


Super Structures

Explore the world of architecture & engineering while learning about foundations, weight distribution & the science of arches. Students will take home a Mad Science Super Structure Bridge.


Walloping Weather

Learn how and why seasons change, how weather is measured, the good and the bad of UV rays, how to protect our skin from UV rays, what causes lightening & thunder and about the water cycle. Students will take home a Mad Science Sun Bead Kit.


Under Pressure

This class introduces children to the exciting science of air pressure and a series of associated scientific concepts including aerodynamics, the science of flight, thermodynamics and Bernoulli’s Principle. Children will learn that air is all around us and vital to life on earth. Take Home Project: Mad Science Air Blaster.

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